22 Shocking Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations Wont Believe 3

22 Shocking Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations Wont Believe 3

Counting calories, cutting carbs, high protein, low-fat or no-fat…what’s the latest diet trend? When it comes down to it, celebrities are just like the rest of us in terms of struggling with their weight as the demands of Hollywood to stay thin and fit often go hand-in-hand with the longevity of one’s career. After all, when was the last time you saw a plus-sized actor grace the cover of People magazine as the Sexiest Man or Woman of the year?

While guys like John Candy, John Belushi and Chris Farley all proved to be the exception to the rule in the world of comedy, there’s still a high standard for celebrities to be wafer thin. In fact, actresses and artists like Melissa McCarthy, Adele, Queen Latifah and even Katie Perry are all criticized for being a little too curvy and voluptuous. And, if any celeb packs on a few pounds, you can bet they’re sure to hear about from the media!


So which celebrities have struggled the most with their weight over the years and which ones have seen complete transformations? From lifestyle changes like dieting and exercise to going under the knife, we uncovered 50 shocking celebrity weight losses that are sure to drop your jaw!

Who made our list, how much weight did they lose and did they gain it back? Also whether you’re looking to lose 10 pounds, 100 pounds or just want some fitness tips to keep you going there’ll be plenty of celebrity advice and encouragement. Let’s take a look at these celebs and their journey to fitness!

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    7. Jacki April 25, 2017
    8. Jaylene April 25, 2017
    9. Sailor April 25, 2017
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    11. Sherry April 25, 2017
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    13. Matee April 25, 2017
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    15. Matee April 25, 2017
    16. Lesa April 25, 2017
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