20 Jobs That Pay $100,000 Per Year Without A College Degree

Many have insinuated that the education system in the United States and many parts of the world is outdated and they’re half right.  Earning a college degree in this country does not guarantee someone a great job, but when did it ever?  People polarize towards universities because of the experience and tend to shun less glamorous jobs that have the potential to offer a great living and a ton of flexibility.  Here are 12 jobs that offer the chance for people to make more than $100,000/ year (that’s $50 dollars per hour).


1. Real Estate Broker

To become a real estate agent, one must only acquire the license by taking a class and passing a test.  So no college, but you do need a high school diploma.  Brokers are responsible for multiple agents, are always on call, and work very sporadic schedules.  Since real estate is a commission based field, an agent or broker may go a long period of time without generating income.   Brokers tend to make anywhere from $30,512 – $208,788 per year.  Since the amount of business fluctuates, there are opportunities to earn even more.  However, as a broker, you are entitled to money from any deals you close and a many brokers collect a small percentage of commission from each sale of the agents they’re responsible for.

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