What’s This Museum of Ice Cream You’ve Been Seeing Everywhere?


Have you been wondering what the museum you saw the Kardashians post about all over social media yesterday is all about? The Museum of Ice Cream is our inner kids’ dream come true. Open seasonally in two busy cities like Los Angeles and New York, tickets to the MOIC are always in high demand. Many people book their tickets way in advance to ensure they can snatch a slot before they are all taken.

When you pay a visit to the museum, you expose yourself to a place full of ideas you once thought up as a kid, transformed into reality. The MOIC has a pool of sprinkles that you can go into. How cool is that? Additionally, with every ticket purchase, you get 2 ice cream cones. Don’t wait until the season is over. Check out the Museum of Ice Cream and bring back all of those great childhood memories!