Weezy F Baby, The Beat Snatcher

Before there was Tunechi, there was Weezy F Baby.  There is a ton of speculation regarding the actual meaning of the F, but one thing we know for sure is that Wayne’s prowess in the booth was absolutely uncontested between Hot Boys and No Ceilings.  Lil Wayne posted a series of cryptic tweets the other day suggesting that he may be done with the music industry altogether.  I saw a few tweets slandering a man who was undeniably the most dominant rapper on the planet at some point.  So, I felt it necessary to remind people of what this man did through the 2000s.  Here’s a list of songs where Wayne made the original seem like a cheap copy.


7.  Cannon

Original Track: Sunz of Man – BankstaZ

Highlight: Niggas know I’m sick, I don’t spit I vomit, Got it? one egg short of an omelette, Simon says, shoot a nigga in his thigh and leg, tell him ketchup like mayo-nnaise. (but Wayne’s who verse was flames)

This song features a few other rappers that just aren’t worth mentioning.  This was Weezy’s final shot at Philly rapper, Gillie da Kid.   The entire verse was full of quotables and Wayne played  gangster rapper to the tee.  We know he’s not really about it but he made me believe my buddy was an Ak-47, too.  The original song was by some 90s rappers who had a decent following, but even to this day, I can’t find a youtube video of it with more than a couple thousand views.  DJ Drama hosted Dedication 2 was a classic mixtape and has this song and on other that’ll be mentioned later.

6.  Swag Surf

Original Track: FLY (Fast Life Youngstaz) – Swag Surfing

Highlight: Weezy beat the beat up, like Sonny Liston (Sonny Liston is the famous heavyweight boxing rival of Mohammad Ali)

This time Wayne to a street anthem and commercialized it.  The one hit wonder group that took the first crack at the beat did pretty well, even in the clubs.  But they were forgotten as soon as No Ceilings hit.  Wayne mentioned plenty of celebrities, former athletes, and pieces of his past.  Even just-post-scandal Tiger woods got a line about birdies, hoes and balls, so you know it was a classic.

5.  Upgrade You

Original Track: Beyonce – Upgrade you

Highlight: And I just a chick named Nicki Minaj (this was ’07)

Yes, Wayne took a track from queen Bey and made it his.  That wasn’t even close to his best line above, but it was the most relevant.  Besides all of his wordplay in the song, it showed his forward thinking.  He even rhymed lamborgine with tangerine, tambourine, and angeline and it actually sounded good!  Drought 3 was a two-disc masterpiece

4.  Oh Let’s do it

Original Track: Waka Flocka – O Let’s do it

Highlight: Prison in February and I ain’t in no rush

Wayne wasted half the beat talking and still beat out Waka Flocka.  This is quite possibly the hottest track of the No Ceilings tape that was stuffed with anthems. He just sewed the words together so well that it seemed like they tailor made the beat for all the different flows and tempos he employed in that short 4 minutes.  The song was still fire and will be played by Wayne faithfuls till the end of time.

3.  Hard Body

Original Track: Rodney O and J Cooley – Everlasting Bass

Highlight: I never sat with them boys that sat on them benches, I was in the game on 4th and inches. These n**gas want the business, ima give these boys the business. See you f**k*ng with the boys that told toys to f**k Chrismas.

Drought 3 gets another feature with this 90s beat.  The original song must’ve been in a hit in 95, but it was nowhere near the lyrical content of this banger.  Wayne has been around and is still around like the Geico cavemen.

2. Get ’em

Original Track: The Diplomats – Get From Round Me

Highlight: If a n*gga owe sumthin need a doctors note from ’em.. or his throat from ’em

Everyone knows that Lil Wayne isn’t about that life but he sure plays the part well.  I’ve never even sat down to listen to the original song all the way through.  It’s by Camron and Juelz Santana.. This was classic “I’m blooded” gangsta Wayne.  Wayne can definitely talk illegal firearms and pitching caine.

1. Sky is the Limit

Original Track: Mike Jones – Mr. Jones

Highlight: I’m probably in the sky, flying with the fishes, Or maybe in the ocean, swimming with the pigeons, See my world is different…

This is one of the best beats ever produced with angelic voices singing over a melodic piano tones mixed with subtle percussion and the song still managed to keep its gangsta rap undertones.  The Sky is the Limit was really the theme in this song with Weezy constantly comparing New Orleans and his childhood to the lavish life he lives now.  This song definitely spoke volumes to anyone in a tough place especially when he said “I forget a lot of shit, but I could never forget the streets.”


When Wayne gets on your beat its up for grabs.  I can give an honorable mention to Dear Summer by Wayne.  It’s a hot song butt Jay Z’s original version was flames also.  The only other song that was a maybe was Rollin’.  It’s the only song from Sorry 4 the Wait that Tunechi managed to be Weezy for.  I just didn’t want him to do Waka like that twice in one list.  Thanks for looking through.