Top 5 things I learned from my dog

man on a paddle board with his dogUnconditional Love

wearing air maxes and my dog is at my feet

Being a dog owner means that you must be tough.  It doesn’t feel good to punish the dog, especially because they show their emotions so clearly.  I could be admonishing him one second and the next he’s licking my face to show love.


laying in a hammock with my nikes on and my dog is staring at me

My dog sits at home waits all day for me to come home.  He waits for meet to walk him, feed him, and bathe him.  He lives completely at my mercy, yet still manages to be happy while doing so.


in bed with boots on and dog at my feet

He quite clearly thinks of me before himself.  He never shies away from the door despite not always knowing who’s coming in the house.

Having a Sleep Schedule

little girl petting dog on couch

Having a sleep schedule for me and my dog helped organize our energy and activity levels as well.  Certain parts of the day were for certain things, so our bodies adjusted.

Loyaltywoman shaking hands with her dog

My dog only listens to me.  I can feel a serious bond between the two of us wherever we are.  Despite him not being able to speak, I always know what he wants or is saying.