This is NOT a Snake, You wont believe what this THING really is!

This terrifying thing resembles a two-headed snake — and that is precisely what it needs you to think. Be that as it may, the animal, found in a garden in Santa Fe, Argentina, is not what it shows up.

catapillarPhoto Credit: National Geographic

It’s really a hawk moth caterpillar, utilizing a snake mask to avoid potential predators, for example, winged creatures, as per National Geographic. The caterpillar is so great at playing imagine that the “eye” on its back end flickers like a genuine eye. That is the greatest piece of information that the snake is not a snake: “Snakes don’t generally flicker … but rather a major, moving eye can in any case work to alarm a winged creature.”

On its underside are little legs, another piece of information the crawler is not by any means a slitherer.

The eyes on its real yet masked head are genuine, however the third eye on its butt, which is putting on a show to be a moment head, is its “butt-centric horn,” as indicated by National Geographic. That extremity is “capable of rapid palpitation,” specialists say, and helps it appear like a nearby estimate to an eye.

Also, on the off chance that that is not sufficiently genuine to frequent your bad dreams, you can rest tight realizing that two-headed snakes do exist.

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