The Pictures That You Should Have On Your Dating Profile

Close-up Selfie (No Teeth)

joaquin orlando headshot

People want to see exactly what you look like without other people in the photo.  Preferably this is the first photo that they see so they’re either immediately intrigued or turned off.  Show an attractive facial expression, flaunt your jawline, show off your eyes, and do not smile.  I have no idea why, but surveys conducted by the staff at Tinder show that profiles with a selfie that shows teeth get more negative swipes.

Body Pic

girl kneeling in the sand in bikini

Show your possible suitors a preview of what they’ll be getting if they con you into bed with them.  People are very superficial and you probably have a bit of that in you as well if you’ve resorted to using a dating app.  Nobody wants to schedule an awkward beach day to find out that their tinder hookup has a beer gut.  Since you’re probably gonna meet this person drunk, a body pic goes a long way.  Try to do it in an inconspicuous way like seemingly candid photo at the beach or pool.  Bathroom ab selfies aren’t going to do the trick.

Active Photo

This can easily double as your body pic, but there are ways to do more.  By active, we mean doing something that looks fun and would warrant someone assuming that you like to do things that require some sort of physical prowess.  Examples include playing a sport, working out, something extreme like skydiving or snowboarding, and anything else that shows your daring side with a dash of skill involved.

Squad Pic

squad pic

Show me your friends.  I want to see what they people you hang out with look like so it makes it easier to assume what kind of person you are.  Do they dress nice?  Is everyone smoking?  Do they look promiscuous?  You are the company you keep so make sure you choose a photo that is an accurate depiction of your desired persona.  Pro tip is to choose a photo at a nightclub or dinner so you’re all dressed up and look like you’re having fun.  It’s an added plus to hang out with someone who keeps attractive company.

Puppy Picture

Okay, it doesn’t have to be an actual puppy, but a dog photo always does numbers.  Still haven’t figured out people’s obsessions with dogs, but I think it’s the equivalent of seeing if someone is good with kids without having to figure out of the kid is theirs or thinking someone has baby fever.  Any dog will do, but the best breeds for a dog photo are huskies, german shepherds, and pugs.