The 5 Best Types of Gifts to Give to Your Significant Other

happy couple on a bikeGifting is a topic that can be very complicated at times because of the meaning behind gifts and the different way that meaning can be construed.  The pressure of holidays, birthdays, and comparing gifts from other people only makes the exchange of items more difficult.  In my opinion, there are a few gifts that are absolutely necessary for a relationship because of their meanings and the opportunity that is granted to solidify your intentions.

1. Something they can use everyday- This could be anything from a keychain, to workout shoes or a television.  Giving someone a gift that they will use everyday- gives you a spot in their life that will automatically associate you with stability and give them a reason to think about you everyday.  This gift actually symbolizes consistent support, no matter what.

2. Something they only use on special occasions- This has to be something nicer and will usually be more expensive. Is it a piece of jewelry or is it just their favorite fragrance to wear out to special events. This gift associates you with special happenings and the joy that many people experience in these situations.  Even more so, when they receive a compliment on said item, they will associate that rush of serotonin with you.

3. The thing they’ve always wanted- The thing they’ve always wanted is a gift that you save for someone that is really special. If they haven’t gotten it for themselves, it’s usually because it’s very expensive and they can’t afford or don’t want to spend the money. You spending that money means you care and do see your relationship going for the long haul.  This gift says that you would farther than most or even the person to see them happy.

4. The gift that must be shared-  That sharing gift is the one that you and your partner will usually only use with each other. It can be something impersonal like a cool board game or something very intimate like bedroom wear. Another way of incorporating the sharing gift is vowing to never use it with someone else like a certain toy. It is a gift that holds a ton of meaning for a relationship.  This gift means that there is something special that is only for us in this world.  That’s powerful.

5. The commitment gift- The last type of gift everyone should get for their significant other is the commitment gift. This usually comes before a ring, but it shows that they are committed to you and shows as a sign of their relationship. Promise rings are the usual gift, but necklaces, earrings, and bracelets can gather the same effect.  It should be used as an overt indication of your intentions to stick around.