The 20 Highest Paid Musicians In The World

Back in the day, our parents advised us to choose a stable career with a steady paycheck. They warned us that there was no financial security  in a music career.  They said it’s okay as a kid to be in a band, but when you grow up, get a real job.  They said talent is not enough and that only one in a million musicians ever makes it big. Well, little did they know.

Notwithstanding early industry fears that illegally downloaded music would kill the music business, today’s musicians have demonstrated amazing creativity in bringing home the bacon. Of course, thousands, if not millions, of aspiring musicians and singers are still struggling and often have to take second jobs to make ends meet. The stereotype of actors, artists, and musicians working as waiters until they make it big is often not far from the truth. But for the stars who make it, music can represent a huge payday.

In fact, for many top musicians, their music is not just a pathway to fame and glory, it’s the road to riches. As the music industry evolves, the top stars in every music genre are finding new, creative ways to turn their talent into a fortune. Income from record sales was never the main way the big stars made the big bucks. The big bucks came through touring gigs, entrepreneurial ventures, the internet, and new lucrative forms of entertainment. Today, the musicians who have adapted to our changing times, and the digital world, continue to bring home huge paychecks year after year after year. The following list of 20 Highest Paid Musicians in the World could change suddenly; after all, innovative, new money-making businesses are being invented virtually everyday.