How To Save Hundreds Of Dollars Every Month As a College Student

Being a college student is, by default, a time when you won’t always have as much money as you want.  By default, carrying your student ID card and asking for a student discount can save you money at many businesses, but there are more ways to keep the dollars in your pocket and still maintain your preferred lifestyle.


bank vaults

  • Make sure you bank knows about you being in college.  Many banks like Chase and Wells Fargo will wave or reduce certain fees for checking and savings accounts for students.
  • And don’t overdraft.  That’s an unnecessary 30+ bucks that you don’t need to spend.  If you do overdraft, call in.  They’re usually willing to waive a few every year.


grocery store

  • Sign up for all the points cards that you can.  Those go a long way.
  • Read the weekly ads and collect coupons.  The cashiers are usually willing to help.
  • If you like something, buy it in bulk when it’s on sale



  • Always ask for the student discount.  Most stores, including apple, have discounts for students.
  • Charge your products in your car, in class, and in the computer lab.  This will save a ton on electricity.  Turn off the things you’re not using and don’t leave things plugged in if you don’t need to.
  • Buy refurbished.  This isn’t the most appealing thing to do, but just like a car, people aren’t willing to spend a ton on used items anyway, so don’t lose hundreds when the newer, better version comes out next year, because it will.



  • Buy your clothes in person.  The sales are better, you can try the clothes on, and you don’t have to pay for shipping or handling.
  • Try thrifting.  This isn’t cool for a lot of people, but you can usually find some cool stuff in thrift stores, especially if you’re a hipster.
  • Wear lots of neutral clothing.  Whites, black, and pastels go with most items.  Instead of having a bunch of shirts with scribbles, wear items that fit into a ton of outfits so your wardrobe is more like a Tommy Pickles screwdriver than an obnoxious drill set.



  • Take public transportation when you can.  It’s usually very cheap and will help you avoid parking fees and wasting time looking for a spot
  • Take care of your car.  Do your oil changes and tune-ups on time to avoid very costly repairs.



  • Instead of balling out at the bar, go to happy hour or discount nights.  Program this into your phone and tell your friends.  You could also do ladies night and have a lady friend pass you drinks, but that depends on if you’re ready to risk getting kicked out
  • If you want to go out to eat, eat where your friends work or on nights when there’s a special running.  Hopefully both scenarios can get you some discounts.
  • For anything else like tickets for entrance to clubs, games, and events, contact your local promoter.  They’re usually not much good, but some of them are willing to help you get in for a discount or for free if you help them sell more tickets.



  • Plan your trips way in advance.  Ticket prices are volatile right before the flight is almost fully booked, but booking months in advance avoids that.
  • Travel to places where the dollar is performing well.  Right now, the Euro and Dollar are almost one-to-one.  Make sure you check exchange rates.
  • Buy packages.  Buying a ticket with a friend or two can help alleviate costs
  • Make foreign friends.  You may want to travel to a place where a foreign exchange student lives or has a house
  • Eat local.  The big, flashy places are meant to attract tourists and knowing that, they’ll rob you.  The local food is also usually fresher and tastier