How to always get laid on the first date

If we’re being honest, dating has gone from casually spending time with someone to creating a stream of consistent, consensual sex at least for most people.  And like all other things, some people are better at it than others.  If you’re the type that’s always looking to end the night doing the nasty, you’re in the right place.  Here’s how to increase your chances of getting laid by the end of the first date.

  1. Be straight up-  Humans are generally horny creatures.  Sometimes being honest and open about your intentions as a serial philanderer may land you in the bed of your choosing.
  2. Tell your date that your friends/family would love them- lake side party Many times a person doesn’t want to sleep with someone on the first date because they think that being so forward will ruin things.  Saying things like my friends will love you or you’ll fit in with my group signal to this person that you plan on introducing them to your inner circle.  It may be a lie, but we’re focused on getting them to do the dirty.
  3. Drive together-  When you ride together  for a date, you get to spend a little bit more time with your date.  Either pick them up or meet up before going out.  On the drive home, each person is thinking about how the date went and how they want the night to end.  A few compliments towards the end of the night may be the difference between heading home alone and heading up to their apartment for “coffee”. coffee kiss
  4. Don’t get your date drunk-  Not only is it creepy to try to get your date too drunk, it’ll make them self-conscious.  Having drinks and getting tipsy is fine, as most people still have the ability to make sound decisions.  A person that is in control is a confident person and a confident person will be more inclined to go after what they want.
  5. Kiss your date- friends This may be standard for some, but it’s tedious for many.  It is extremely important to get a steady flow of kissing going because this is a telltale sign of your prowess between the sheets.  At worst, at least you’ll go home having rubbed some skin, even if it’s just lips to cheek.