Did They Really Just Use a Wild Card for that?


Putting a smile on your face when you are happy is a natural thing, but putting a smile on your face when and you have no clue what just happened to you is another. Earlier today on Wheel of Fortune, a couple decided it was time to use their WILD CARD on the letter ‘T’ and $600. There was only one letter left to fill on the board and it was obvious what the letter was. The couple decided to do it because they only had $850 dollars that round.

You might be thinking, what is so wrong with that? Pat Sajak was even confused behind the couples decision making. He hesitantly asked them again if that is what they wanted to do and with smiles on their face they said, “Yes.” Then after they read all the words on the board, Pat Sajak reminded them that the round minimum is $2000. As in they automatically get bumped to $2000 if they have anything less than that in the round.

After all of that, the couple seemed to be more than happy with their decision without even knowing what happened. Pat Sajak didn’t even take the time to explain to them, right off to the commercials they went. Being on national TV and doing something so odd is not uncommon. Just last month another contestant on Wheel of Fortune literally had one letter to fill in and completely botched his opportunity.

Certain events make me think what if I was in their situation, what would i do? Would I embarrass myself on TV not even knowing that I did? These questions probably will never get answered because I probably will never get on TV. What would you do if you were in their situation? Hopefully you wont be as oblivious as to what happened as the couple on Wheel of Fortune today were. Please Share and write your thoughts in the Comments section!