Best Celebrity Mug Shots You Need to See

Best Celebrity Mug Shots

Say cheese – but try not to barf! Ugh! Ever wonder what those gorgeous movie stars, handsome athletes, and other celebrities and super stars look like without all the makeup, special lighting, expert photographers, and photo retouching? Simple. Just check out their celebrity mug shots.
When tired and over-worked town clerks, cops, and police deputies have to take a celeb’s mug shot, they’re usually not going to pose you, or set the perfect lighting and touch up your makeup. So if you want to see what those celebs really look like at their worst, you’ll just have to wait for them to break the law to see one of those usually unflattering mug shots. Whether they were arrested for DUI, drug charges, domestic violence, being a public nuisance, or some serious felony, police booking photos are usually the last picture these celebs want you to see.