50 Things A Man Should Never Say To a Woman

In a relationship, it tends to be the man who is expected to watch his words more often.  It isn’t that they’re dumb.  Men are generally more inconsiderate as women command a higher level of emotional intelligence than their male counterparts.  This it a 50-instance guide of phrases a man should not utter to a woman lest he desires to be on her bad side.  And why would he ever?  Because one knows that hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn.  Enjoy!


  1. Make me a sandwich- It’s rude, chauvinistic, and she’s not your mom
  2. You wear too much make-up- That’s none of your business and how does one even classify what too much makeup is?
  3. Because your a woman- Even if it’s true, find another, more relevant reason.
  4. Send Nudes- If she wants to send them, she will.  Don’t ask
  5. When are we going to hookup/have sex?- The answer is “when it happens” and now that date is a little further off.
  6. Sit there and look pretty- Don’t ever say this.  If you want something to sit there and look pretty, buy a plant
  7. Stop being bossy- When a woman is giving out orders, just listen.  They rarely do unless it is necessary
  8. Call me daddy- This is one of the more disturbing requests that some males make.
  9. Is it your time of the month?- Again, this is none of your business.  If she wants you to know, you’ll find out.
  10. Whats going on with your hair?- This is one of the things a woman is usually conscious of so if something seems out of place, trust me, she knows.

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