14 Facts You Did Not Know About Apple Products

14. Apple has fake stores in China that the employees did not know about

China is known to be notorious about creating knock-offs and replicas of things that start trending and making waves in our society. So when Apple stocks starting rising years ago, one Chinese man said, lets create a store that looks just like their stores, name it the same thing, hire their people, and not tell anyone about it so they don’t get sued.

Don’t worry most counterfeit stores are so away from the original stores that you can spot it a mile away. Well here is a true story, one store in Kunming was such a great copy that the employees had no idea that they weren’t working for the real Apple. Can you imagine applying for your dream job and you get the job. You tell all your friends and family to come see you. Eventually year later, just to tell your friends and family that OH Shit!! I’ve been working for a knockoff.

LOL! Don’t get fooled by the fake Apple in China.